Welcome to the World of Warplanes Wikia. World of Warplanes is an arial combat simulator/arcade game designed and published by It was released on November 13th (delayed from September 26th), 2013. We are currently undergoing a large process of adding tons of new content. If you would like to help us out, click here to go to the "stub" page ( a list of pages that do not have enough content)

Current Patch

Game Status

EU Server:
NA Server:
Asian Server:


% Completion

USA: 90%

Germany: 52%

USSR: 10%

Japan: 14%

UK: 5%

Maps section: 38%


Warplanes1 1333844192


Usa   USA

Germany   Germany

Japan   Japan


Type of Aircraft

World-of-warplanes-20120308074644560-3611825 640w

Carrier Based Fighters

Heavy Fighters


Attack Planes


Arctic Region

World-of-warplanes-20110808101240053-3502478 640w

Asian Border


El Halluf



National Park

Pacific Ocean



Gatorfan6 - Owner

Zimmah - Admin

Yoyomah20 - Admin

Flygar_Stenen (in game LegendaryCheese) - Admin

Gatorfan6 and Zimmah are currently not able to be on a lot, the best way to contact an admin is through Yoyomah20, or contact zimmah directly through

A big thank you goes out to Yoyomah for all of the hard work and dedication he is putting forth for the wiki. From the humble beginnings of a thought, to the ever growing future that is expounded upon, may the stars light your path and good fortune come to you. Gatorfan6 21:42, September 2, 2013 (UTC)Gatorfan6

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