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Arado Ar 80

The Ar 80 is a German Tier III Fighter warplane.

Lightweight fighter constructed in 1934 according to the specifications provided by the Luftwaffe Operational Headquarters. It has a crew of one.

Crew: 1 Pilot

Price: 40,000 Coins

Predecessor: Fighter IconArado Ar 68

Sucessor: Fighter IconMesserschmitt Bf 109B


Airframe           Engine         Hub-mounted      Machine gun

Airframe         Engine           Na            Mg

Ar 80 V 1              Kestrel VI             No weapons       2x7.92 mm MG-17 (S)


Ar 80 wowp

Last update: Patch 0.5.3.

Stats shown are stock, stats between brackets are fully upgraded.

Hit points

  • Hit Points 100 (115)
  • Weight 2052.8 KG (2171.4)


  • Airspeed 356 (386)
  • Top Speed at Sea Level 320 km/h  (363)
  • Top Speed at Best Altitude 390 km/h (440)
  • Optimum Altitude 950 m
  • Maximum Dive Speed 560 km/h (580)
  • Stall Speed 120 km/h (122)
  • Rate of Climb 8.90 m/s (10.40)
  • Optimum Airspeed 228 km/h (241)


  • Firepower 29 (64)


  • Maneuverability 330 (315)
  • Average Time to Turn 360 deg 15.00 s (15.40)
  • Rate of Roll 120 deg/s (117)
  • Controllability 94 (90)

Historical InfoEdit


The Arado Ar 80 was a pre-World War II fighter aircraft, designed by Arado Flugzeugwerke to compete for the Luftwaffe's first major fighter contract. The Ar 80 was uninspiring in terms of performance and also suffered a number of failures. The contest was eventually won by the Messerschmitt Bf 109, and the Ar 80 prototypes ended their days as test aircraft.

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