The Arado Ar 68 is a German tier II Fighter.

It was the last biplane to enter service with the Luftwaffe. Used as a night fighter in Spain and in the initial period of World War II.

Crew: Pilot 1

Price: Coins 3,000

Predecessor: Fighter IconArado Ar 65

Sucessor: Fighter IconArado Ar 80


Airframe           Engine         Wing-mounted      Machine gun

Airframe         Engine           Na            Mg

   Ar 68e             Jumo 210Ea            No weapons       2x7.92 mm MG-08/18 (S)


Arado ar-68-s

Last update: Patch 0.5.3.

Stats shown are stock, stats between brackets are fully upgraded.

Hit points

  • Hit Points 75 (85)
  • Weight 1938.0 kg (2085.8)


  • Airspeed 269 (319)
  • Top Speed at Sea Level 264 km/h (319)
  • Top Speed at Best Altitude 310 km/h (375)
  • Optimum Altitude 700 m
  • Maximum Dive Speed 390 km/h (440)
  • Stall Speed 70 km/h (71)
  • Rate of Climb 8.40 m/s (10.20)
  • Optimum Airspeed 218 km/h (233)


  • Firepower 10 (35)


  • Maneuverability 374 (361)
  • Average Time to Turn 360 deg 11.60 s (12.10)
  • Rate of Roll 90 deg/s (88)
  • Controllability 97 (96)

Historical InfoEdit

300px-Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1990-021-20, Arado Ar 68 (1)

The Arado Ar 68 was a single-seat biplane fighter developed in the mid-1930s. It was among the first fighters produced when Germany abandoned the restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles and began rearming.

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